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In the celestial realm

In the times before men, Mamurn lived in luxury in the kingdom of the gods, ruling as the god of wealth. His vast hoard of gold attracted many goddesses who sought to marry him, but in the end it was Tillamine, the goddess of clouds, who took his hand. For centuries, they lived together in bliss, until she bore him two sons. Madness consumed Mamurn as he convinced himself that his children coveted his wealth, even in their infancy. To protect his gold, Mamurn ate his sons.

The other gods, disgusted by Mamurn’s act of cannibalism, cast him from the heavens. Mamurn refused to relinquish his treasure, clutching it as he fell. He crashed into the earth, sinking into a deep pit. His hoard of gold was in tact, but his power and his sanity were not.

Over millennia, the mortal races spread across the world, and soon adventurers who had heard stories of Mamurn’s gold travelled to the northern peninsula in search of fortune. But they found more than they bargained for. Their greed twisted them into the races of goblins and orcs, and soon vast armies plagued the kingdom.

The alliance has raised a great army to fight their way into the northern peninsula, descend into the pit, and slay Mamurn once and for all. In addition to the regular army, a mercenary army has been amassing on the border of the orc territory. Treasure hunters, career soldiers and desperate peasants have created a tent city – complete with make-shift taverns, brothels, salesmen and all manner of services.

Enter the adventurers.

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Mamurn's Pit Tchom